About us


30 years of experience

Diana Taxidermy was founded and is owned by taxidermys Flemming Georg Jensen and Lene Hull Jensen. For more than 30 years, we have delivered trophy mounting in international top class to customers all over the world.

Diana Taxidermy in South Africa

We have fulfilled an old dream and have moved to the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. Here, we have established our taxidermy business with the same high quality that you are used to, but in new, modern surroundings – surrounded by one of the most wonderful areas in Africa. 

Danish personnel

All key positions in our taxidermy business are filled with Danish personnel. We will continue to perform all taxidermys ourselves, in close cooperation with a staff of local specialists, which we educate in order for them to live up to our own professional level.

Individual trophy mounting

Each trophy is designed individually, and the design of the mount is created in close cooperation with each customer for the mount to become a realistic moment from the unique situation – an everlasting memory, presenting the trophy in the most beautiful way.