Transport home


We take care of the transportation.

We want our customers to get a good, quick and non-expensive home-tranportation of their hunting trophies. This is why we, at Diana Taxidermy, personally take care of the transportation.

Diana Taxidermy cooperate with a highly experienced shipping company in South Africa, which possesses all the expertise required to ensure a smooth transportation of your trophies. This includes insurance, CITES documents, veterinary permits etc.

Our South African and your local shipping partners work together to ensure the release of the trophies in your home country.

It is important to use a shipping company who is used to handle mounted hunting trophies. There are many requirements for documents and other formalities to be complied with to ensure a safe delivery of the trophies. This is why Diana Taxidermy only contracts with the very best agents who can deliver the high level of service that we expect from them.


Quotes on freight

When your trophies are ready to be shipped from Diana Taxidermy, we will send prices for either air or sea.