Trophy measuring


Authorized trophy measuring

Diana Taxidermy has two authorized surveyors for Safari Club International (SCI). Trophy measuring at Diana Taxidermy can both be performed acc. to SCI (Safari Club International) and CIC (Conseil International de la Chasse) rules. Further acc. to the rules of Rowland Ward (Rowland Ward's Records Of Big Game). Diana Taxidermy has authorization as Master Measurer for Safari Club International. This authorization as Master Measurer means that trophies of all categories can be measured, incl. trophies, qualifying for the TOP 10 of the SCI Records of Big Game.


Free trophy measuring

As an extra service, Diana Taxidermy measures all submitted trophies. The measurement is performed acc. to the valid SCI medal requirements and is free of charge. (Dip & Pack trophies are not included in this free measurement/medal).


Measurement forms

Once your trophy has been measured, a SCI measurement form is filled out and sent with the trophy. The measurement form is free of charge.


Free medals

Diana Taxidermy awards all measured trophies with our own exclusive trophy medal in gold, silver and bronze, acc. to the valid SCI medal requirements. If the trophy is entitled to a medal, we attach a medal free of charge.